CUNY Queens College Razran Hall
Graf & Lewent was retained by CUNY to perform a gut renovation of five classroom laboratories located at Razran Hall, within the Queens College Campus.

Two of the Labs are being designed for the Anthropology Department and will include instructional space as well as research wet lab space to focus on reconstructing the behavior and ecology of extinct members of the biological family and the organic residue on ancient pottery. One of these Labs will additionally focus on animal physiology, genetics and behavior. The Labs, when completed, will include new casework, counters, sinks, hot and cold water, eye wash, two fume hoods with air, gas and vacuum turrets, power and data distribution, lighting, switches, card access, tile walls, epoxy resin floors and new exterior windows.

Two Biology Labs are also being designed. These Labs will focus on advanced projects such as the study of arsenic contamination in ground water, bio accessibility of arsenic in food, changes in ocean pH and its impact on the atmosphere. These Labs will include all the items as the Anthropology Labs with the addition of new state of the art specialized equipment.

One additional Lab will focus on the quantification of cell structures, cell densities and the exact structure of individual neurons. The Project is expected to be completed in under two years from design to construction and move in.

Flushing, Queens, NY
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