St. John's University
Department of Student Development
St. John's University retained Graf & Lewent Architects to create a 5,000 square foot instructional space for its Department of Student Development. The construction was planned for a two-month window in the summer so that the consideration of the lead times for specified items was a critical element to the projects successful completion.

The space had no windows allowing for natural light in the main Reading Room, hence to make it look bright and open on a limited budget, the ceiling height was raised and areas of the slab were left exposed to sight to allow the space to feel open. Graf & Lewent also selected light woods and/ or plastic laminate for the finishes to give the space a light feeling or mood.

Although the project was relatively small it involved all the various trades of a much larger project. It had new steel for the mezzanine, a new concrete deck, a standalone HVAC system for the area and new electrical panels fed from the main switch board in the building, masonry work, etc.

Jamaica, NY
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